Ken Smith Sculpture
Instructions for creating a sculpture out of my metal Business Card.
Please Note before you begin:

1) The connections on this small sculpture
are thin and thus it can only be bent into the
sculpture once, further bending will result in
failure of the connections

2) A tweezer is the only tool you will need for
the construction

3) There are two pointed pieces on the inside
of the card base, be careful as these are

4) It is important to follow the steps below
for best results
Step 1 - Note: All images are with card text
facing right-side up.  
Bend segmented bar up as shown, with fingers
Step 2 - Using tweezers, bend bar segments
to approx 90 degrees, as shown
Step 3 - Bend left side of 'half circle' piece up
to meet the end of the segmented bar, as
shown.  You will need to hold the right side of
the triangle firmly to do this, and push up the
left side from behind.
Step 4 - Bend complete 'half circle' section up,
as shown, by lifting right side
Step 5 - Bend the whole sculpture (including
the 3 black squares) up to a right angle with
the card base.
Step 7 - Bend the sculpture back so it is
angled to the black sculpture base, as shown
Step 8 - Bend the second largest inside ring
out and to the right (about 45 degrees) as
desired.   Bend the smallest ring out and to the
left (about 45 degrees) as desired.  
Congratulations, you have now built a stainless
steel sculpture....
Ken Smith Sculpture  Copyright 2019
Step 6 - Bend the two outer black squares
back, to be at right angles with the front of